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India Travel

CCIE HOME Solutions invites students from all over the world to come to India and get trained and certified by the reputable training providers in India. We provide the participants with a complete package. You are assured of both quality education and a comfortable stay. A clear advantage!


It would definitely be comforting if that much-needed help and assistance are provided when visiting a foreign country so that you can focus on your actual task. CCIE HOME Solutions is determined to help you with almost anything that you would need to be able to successfully attend and complete any training program. Our trained and experienced personnel who are available to assist and advise you to make your stay, enjoyable and safe

A country’s growth is determined by its levels of education, and India is fast emerging as a rapidly-growing economy. Millions of highly-skilled IT professionals are produced each year, putting the country in the forefront in the current global digital age. India offers a multi-cultural, tolerant, inclusive environment and well developed social urban infrastructure with enabling an environment for foreigners to study, settle, or do business in the country. World-class facilities at affordable prices have made India, one of the world’s most sought after IT-training hubs, while its warm hospitality towards foreigners has made it a highly preferred choice.


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